An education in Salon Love.

Jeanine Mantisi has been with Organic Colour Systems for over 6 years. Jeanine joined us as an Educator for North America and has recently been announced as the North American Education Manager! Jeanine is a familiar face for all stylists worldwide as she often appears on our Facebook Stylists Group answering queries and giving advice (which if you are not yet a member of you really should be!), but she mostly focuses on Education in North America. Underneath Jeanine sit our incredible team of North American Mentors who run workshops across the USA. Here is a little insight into the life of Jeanine Mantisi….

If your family & friends could describe you what would they say?

I think they would describe me as creative and artistic. (We think Jeanine is being modest, we would say she is energetic, fun, inspiring and genuine!)

What first motivated you to get involved in the hair industry?

I always loved the beauty industry. I wanted to be in an industry that actually allowed me to be creative every day and make people feel good about themselves. I don’t think there is much better than that!

What inspired you to become an Mentor?

What inspired me the most was being able to share my passion and my knowledge. In my workshops it is so great to see stylists have that ‘aha moment’ when everything clicks together and they realise exactly how the colour line and system all works collectively. It is an indescribable feeling teaching something new to someone.

What do you love most about being a Mentor?

I think the best thing about being a mentor and actually about education in general is that I always walk away learning something new myself, it is such an exciting environment to be in. We all learn from one another and that’s the beauty of it.

What is your most treasured memory of working with Organic Colour Systems?

My most treasured memory is actually travelling over to the UK and seeing the manufacturing facility in person and meeting CC the scientist behind it all! It is so fascinating to me. I loved meeting all of the fantastic staff, you can see and feel the passion just walking round the building – it’s great.

Are there any trends that are big in the US right now?

Perms! Perms are huge again now! It seems we keep turning back time with trends but this one I do love especially as the curls are much more relaxed and more beachy. With colours I am seeing more tangerine colours as opposed to the cooler tones which have been dominating for so long.

Do you have a favourite colour formula?

The colours that I tend to give out the most, as they can be used in so many ways, are the 11HS, Silver Concentrate, Grey Concentrate and Blue Concentrate. They are all ideal for toning and are super versatile. The No Limits are gorgeous with peekaboo trends too. I think we are at such an advantage with Organic Colour Systems as we are our own colour scientists and can make custom colours so it’s nearly impossible to have a favourite!

Where is your bucket list place to visit?

My bucket list place to visit is actually Italy and next week I am going, I am so excited! My great Grandfather was from Italy and I have even done the ancestry searches and DNA testing. But no one from my family has been to Italy since the 1950’s so I am the first person to go back. I will be sure to post my travels on Facebook but I am extremely lucky for it to be happening for me.