Pure Salon Love

Colby Jagielo has been in the hair industry for over 12 years and owns a gorgeous salon in Williamsville, New York, called Pure Organics Salon. A regular face at our Education events and across social media we get to know Colby better…

First things first, how did you get into the world of hair?

I loved every minute of hair school. My journey started with a BOCES program for my junior and senior year of high school. After I graduated, I couldn’t wait to get started and here I am years later still in a career I love.

How did you come across Organic Colour Systems?

I worked with Aveda hair colour for just about 10 years, it wasn’t until I got pregnant with my first son that I wanted to work around something with less chemicals. I switched salons and learned as much as I could about OCS.

What do you like most about working with Organic Colour Systems?

What I love most about working with Organic Colour Systems is that my guests and stylists are comfortable in my chair, they are safe with a much gentler product line. There is no smell when you walk into my salon which I LOVE. It makes me smile when my guests tell me they enjoy walking in and out without a headache. I also love going home without my eyes burning or my hands peeling away!

As a salon owner, how do you keep your staff inspired?

First of all, my stylists are my best friends, so every day coming to work is FUN for us, we inspire each other. We love formulating together & problem solving together. Our clients are amazed when they see a group of girls that actually like each other! Also Education, any place we can get it.

Here in the UK, there is a misconception that the beauty and hair industry is something you fall into and is not an aspirational career. Obviously we couldn’t disagree more but why would you tell young people to get into the hair industry?

The hair industry is endless, its always evolving. We are ALWAYS learning from other artists all over the world. We get to make men and women look and feel amazing; getting your hair done brings out the best in people! Once You put your time in (a solid 3-5 years) it will start to all come back to you and you will have a full clientele list, but, you have to be dedicated and LOVE hair, well EAT SLEEP BREATH it!

Your Instagram is full of inspiration, how vital do you think social media is for hair salons these days?

Social Media is EVERYTHING! I would say 70% of our clientele is from Instagram. I take pride in our Instagram page, there is something so satisfying about posting our work and tagging, it feeds my Soul!

Check out their social page here: https://www.instagram.com/pureorganicssalon/

What is your favourite Organic Colour Systems product?

Well I love ALL of the Control Products but my “go-to” are Argan Oil Gloss, AquaBoost Leave-in Conditioner & Thermal 2 Twenty.

You look like you have a great team. Do you feel as hairdressers we have a great sense of community?

It so important to have a TRIBE. My girls in the salon are absolutely amazing , the other women providers inside the Fountain are also family to us. The OCS family is incredible, any time I have a colour question Jeanine is a text away.

We know you have attended many workshops, why do you think education is so important and why would you recommend other stylists attend?

Education is KEY, if your not doing ongoing education you’re limiting yourself. Why not go to a class and get inspired? Clients love to see us learning. We recently went to Florida for the Look & Learn, it was so much fun getting away with my girls and spending quality time together. I love learning something new even if it a new way to turn a foil to make your life easier behind the chair.

If you had not gone into hair what career would you have had?

I always knew that I wanted to do hair and never really thought about anything else. I disliked school and was not good at just sitting to read a book. I did write a paper once about the two careers I was interested in at the time, one being a hair stylist and the other being a stenographer. Let’s just say I’m happy that my path to hair worked out for me!

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Never stop learning! Listen to your clients and repeat what they expect out of their visit that day. That way there is no miscommunication. Communication is key in this industry. Have fun and don’t stress, at least not in front of your client and always be professional.