If your client is a little more adventurous this colour technique is great without the commitment of regrowth. Ensure you place the central line at the features you want to highlight most. See below the step by steps for recreating this look…

Step by Steps

  1. Take a 2 inch section from below the parting and clip this out of the way. Taking a thick central section, weave the hair ready for lightening
  2. Insert a perspex sheet beneath the weaved section
  3. Apply formula 1, 2 inches from the root of the section as far down the hair as desired. We have taken this right to the ends of the hair
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 up to the parting, leave a thin veil of hair at the top which will fall over your colour band. Rinse and shampoo but do not condition
  5. Apply formula 2 to your pre-lightened sections (to enrich our models natural colour we coloured the rest of her hair with 5GD + 5CR)
  6. Style as desired

Formula 1: Naturlite + 6% Cream Activator

Formula 2: 8CR + Extra Bright Orange + 3% Liquid Activator


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