Karine's Inspiration.

For this collection I was working with a ‘day to night’ theme and wanted to contrast a very natural, understated look with a show stopping look for each model. For the colour techniques, I looked to everything from space to the iconic Debbie Harry: the peach blonde with dark roots is based on the pattern of a nebular, while the Saturn Ring technique is used to create a band of colour in the mid-lengths of the hair for a statement finish. Other new techniques include Melange, which is all about the blending of subtle shades to give a cool translucent finish, and Schu Shine, a fun technique that gives a random, mussy dispersal of colour.

Credits: Hair: Karine Jackson for Organic Colour Systems, Photography: Andrew O’Toole, Styling: Leticia Dare, Make-Up: Margaret Aston, Assistant: Nicola Hand @ Organic Colour Systems.

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