This colour technique is great for building up bulk at the roots giving hair more depth; the lighter ends can move in to soften features around the face. See below the step by steps for recreating this look…

Step by Steps

  1. Section the hair into 3 horizontal horseshoe sections
  2. Starting on the bottom section, apply formula 1 from the roots to the midlengths
  3. Apply formula 2 from the midlengths to the ends
  4. On the central section, apply formula 3 from root to ends
  5. On the top section repeat steps 2 & 3
  6. Style as desired

Formula 1:Silver Concentrate + Grey Concentrate + 3% Liquid Activator

Formula 2: 11HS + Silver Concentrate + 12% Cream Activator + Naturlite

Formula 3: Silver Concentrate + Splash of Extra Bright Violet + 3% Liquid Activator


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