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I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul - William Ernest Henley

There’s no one specific reason why so many salons have chosen to use Organic Colour Systems over the past 20 years. In fact there are many reasons! Some started their journey with us because they wanted a healthier salon environment for themselves and their staff, some joined us because they wanted to be able to offer a more natural and gentle service to their clients. For others it was an ethical or lifestyle choice and there are those who simply wanted to be different. There’s no right or wrong, the choice is personal to you. At Organic Colour Systems we recognise taking on a new and different range like ours is a big commitment, it can be hard to take that leap. But rest assured, we’ll be here every step of the way to offer support and advice as you take this exciting journey with us and we promise…you’ll never look back!

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Cloe Hazell

Global Education Manager

Jeanine Taddonio

North American Education Manager

Nichola Hand

Australasian Education Manager

Nicole Morelli

Assistant Head Salon Mentor (NA)

Natalie Lupton

Salon Mentor (UK)

Bobbie Mills

Salon Mentor (UK)

Emily Chapdelaine

Salon Mentor (North America)

Renee Calleri-Emmanuele

Salon Mentor (North America)

Stefanie Kaufman

Salon Mentor (North America)

Sarah Whitesell

Salon Mentor (North America)

Tracey Burnap

Salon Mentor (North America)

Alyssa Housh

Salon Mentor (North America)

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