National Hair Loss Awareness Month.

Did you know that August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month? With summer still in full swing in the UK, it’s easy for excessive hair loss to go unnoticed by most people. Most hair loss cases are due to androgenetic alopecia (AGA) also known as female pattern hair loss. This usually begins at around the age of 30 but can be earlier and it generally becomes noticeable around the age of 40. Unfortunately by the age of 50, 50% of women will experience some degree of hair thinning. While hair may seem like merely a cosmetic trait to most people, hair loss is commonly associated with negative psychological and emotional effects on an individual such as depression, lack of confidence and social isolation. Women are also known to be more emotionally affected by hair loss than men.

The science bit.

Hair loss sufferers will most of the time have the hair growth cycle disrupted by an increase of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, loss of connective tissue integrity surrounding the hair follicle, an increase in the inflammatory process in the scalp and is submitted to higher oxidative stress. Of course with ageing, the decrease number of hair follicle and size of follicle in the scalp will also lead to thinner hair shaft and an increase in hair loss.

What is DHT?

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone which is responsible for shortening the hairs’ natural growth cycle. DHT is a common attribute in cases of Female Pattern Hair Loss where there is an increase in this hormone specifically, as well as inflammation of the hair follicle, a decrease in the number of follicles and size of follicle on the scalp.

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How it works and how you use it.

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You as hairdressers are the ones that clients turn to.

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